Mária Mühl (Candráková) is an award-winning photojournalist who currently focuses mainly on documentary, travel and food photography. She has worked in the line of commercial photography such as portraits, social events and last but not least products.

Mária has worked as a photojournalist for fourteen years so far. She studied documentary photography under the guidance of Tibor Huszár. In her career as a photographer she has primarily covered social issues and foreign affairs for slovak media.

Since 2011 she has worked as a freelance photogpraher. She lived in Indonesia between 2011-2013.


  • Slovak Press Photo, category Environment, special price
  • Press Award of Slovak Photography
  • Platforma mimovládnych rozvojových organizácií, photostory
  • Outdoor festival Hory a mesto
  • Press Award Open Society Foundation


  • Mamas _ New York, Bratislava
  • Indonesia in touch _ Bratislava, Nitra, Topoľčany
  • House of Family _ Bratislava
  • Slovak Press Photo Exhibition _ Wien, Brusel, Bratislava
  • Press Award Open Society Foundation _ Bratislava




  • Kuchyna LIDL - Marcel Ihnacak, Veronika Busova
  • Tesco Foodblog Zdravo a Hravo
  • Bencik Coulinary Group Slovakia
  • ChefParade Bratislava
  • Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Slovakia 
  • Bistro Smart Food Banska Bystrica
  • Tiffany Favorite Food Banska Bystrica
  • Orbis street food Bratislava
  • CremeChic Bratislava

Oficial photographer

  • Adidas Slovakia
  • Globsec summit 2014, 2015, 2016
  • Tatra summit
  • Clowndoctors Slovakia
  • Incheba Slovakia
  • Unicorn


  • Sheraton Bali Indonesia
  • Novotel Indonesia
  • Puri Mas hotel Indonesia
  • Narula Bakery New Delhi India


  • CEO Magazine Europe and Australia
  • Plus 7 dni
  • RTVS
  • Profit
  • Emma
  • Auto Motor Sport

PR agency

  • Dynamic Relations
  • Seesame

Currently, Mária lives and works in Bratislava, Slovakia

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