Our Moms do not need humanitarian aid

There are 708 of them and they used to be nobodies. Former prostitutes, abused and humiliated women, widows or wives with children abandoned by their husbands decided to prove they can do better. When the first Slovak Vincent de Paul education centre was established in Eldoret, Kenya, four years ago, the women decided to open their books after thirty years again.

Tailoring, hairdressing, machine knitting, basic computer skills. The courses last nine months and it sometimes takes two hours to walk to school. Before going to school they need to do some work on their fields or go to the construction sites and earn some money for their eight children. To the site! They earn more while crushing stone on the construction sites as the male jobs in Kenya are paid. The female jobs are not.

Nine months of hard studies bear fruits eventually. The final touch of their business plan which has been created with the help of a teacher, a certificate, a starting kit, and off they go. Mom gets a sewing machine, balls of wool or a hairdryer with a sink to kick off her business. Her success is up to her afterwards.

Since 2014, when a civic association of The Two-Colour World, with the help of SlovakAid - the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak Republic, launched a project of craft education in the Langas slum in Kenya, more than seven hundred women changed their lives and the lives of their children. One of them earns ten times more than she used to in the past and deposits her money in the bank, the other built a brick house and found a man who respects her and treats her well. The third one earns enough to feed her five children and send them to school. The fourth one established a microbusiness and does business together with three of her schoolmates. All of them lead completely different lives than before. They are somebodies now.

Mamas in numbers

Graduates of the tailoring course: 109, 36 still studying

Graduates of the hairdressing course: 109, 36 still studying

Graduates of the machine knitting: 12, 6 still studying

Graduates of the computer course: 480

Each citizen of the Slovak republic contributed to the Slovak Vincent de Paul education centre with the amount of 0,073 € from the state budget through the Official Development Assistance of the Slovak republic. Hundreds of Moms are waiting for new lives.